Video production can provide several advantages such as increased engagement, better retention of information, and improved communication.  Additionally, videos can be easily shared and distributed online, reaching a wider audience and enhancing brand awareness and recognition.

Vandenbergs Jewellers

Television Commercial

This was produced for television as a Christmas Promotion

Solomon College / Cooking Lake Aviation

Recruitment Video

This project is being used to recruit new students to the client’s Aviation Program

Ultimate Renovations

Promotional Video

A short promotional tool that illustrates the creative advantages of Ultimate Renovations new CNC machine, that is capable of creating some amazing end results.

Ultimate Renovations

Marketing Video

This video won the national award from the Canadian Home Builder’s Association for best Marketing video

Logos Society Schools

Marketing Video

Produced to help increase student enrollement in an Edmonton Private School System.

Peace On Earth

Christmas Promotion

Shot and edited by Casanna Multimedia, this video was used to promote the online Christmas Eve services for Beulah Alliance Church.

Crystal Mountain Water Coolers

Product Promotion & Training Video

Crystal Mountain produces high quality water coolers for the world market. This is one of a series of videos produced as tutorials for the end user.

Rebel Heart

Music Video

This concept video was created to augment the song “Rebel Heart”. Produced, shot and edited by Casanna Multimedia.

Costa Rica

Drone Video

This drone video was shot entirely on location in Costa Rica. Aerial videography opens new doors for increasing production values at a nominal cost.

Moldova – Partner’s International

Short Documentary

A fund raising awareness video about the issues of abuse and exploitation in Moldova produced for Partners International, a non-profit organization that provides assistance all over the world through their ministries. .